Steve Ozone

Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Exhibition
10 must-see art pieces from the 2021 Minnesota State Fair
The fair is back, and so is the annual art exhibition. Here are 10 pieces to look for.
By Alicia Eler Star Tribune
August 22, 2021 — 2:00pm

The Minnesota State Fair grounds are abuzz again after last year's pandemic-induced cancellation. This year's juried show in the Fine Arts Building opens its doors Thursday with 321 artworks (winnowed from 2,462 entries) by artists from all over the state.

Photography dominates the show, with 110 pieces on display; prints are the lowest-ranking category, with only 13 works.

Expect to see more dogs than cows, and artists dealing with the impact of the ongoing pandemic. Minnetonka-based Patty Carmody Smith's clay sculpture "Sheltering in Place," of a woman-turned-tree, and Minneapolis-based artist Steve Ozone's still-life portrait of a blue PPE mask reflect the reality of the past 18 months. There are also photographs from crowds gathering in George Floyd Square, from protests and from the Derek Chauvin trial.